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Canon Printer and Copier Leases and Rentals

Canon is one of the most popular, respected manufacturers of printers and copy machines. Canon copier leases are very popular for businesses of all sizes due to their large range of copiers, their reliability and their customer service. Companies know that they will get a high quality product and excellent customer service when they buy or lease a Canon copier.

Canon multifunction copier

Canon Copier Features

Canon offers feature rich all in one printers. Here are some of the most popular features that Canon offers:

  • Scanning
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Wireless Printing
  • Cloud / Mobile Device Printing
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Color Printing
  • Sorting

Canon Copy Machine Models

  • Color imageRUNNER C1022
  • Color imageRUNNER C1022i
  • Color imageRUNNER C1030
  • Color imageRUNNER C1030iF
  • Color imageRUNNER C2020
  • Color imageRUNNER C2030
  • Color imageRUNNER C2550
  • Color imageRUNNER C3080
  • Color imageRUNNER C3080i
  • Color imageRUNNER C3480
  • Color imageRUNNER C3480i
  • Color imageRUNNER C5030
  • imageRUNNER 1025
  • imageRUNNER 1025iF
  • imageRUNNER 1025N
  • imageRUNNER 2018
  • imageRUNNER 2018i
  • imageRUNNER 2022
  • imageRUNNER 2022i
  • imageRUNNER 2025
  • imageRUNNER 2025i
  • imageRUNNER 2030i
  • imageRUNNER 2525
  • imageRUNNER 2530
  • imageRUNNER 2535i
  • imageRUNNER 2545
  • imageRUNNER 2545i
  • imageRUNNER 3225
  • imageRUNNER 3230
  • imageRUNNER 3235
  • imageRUNNER 3235i
  • imageRUNNER 3245
  • imageRUNNER 3245i
  • imageRUNNER 3300EN
  • imageRUNNER 3530
  • imageRUNNER 400V
  • imageRUNNER 5000E
  • imageRUNNER 5000EN
  • imageRUNNER 5050N
  • imageRUNNER 5055
  • imageRUNNER 5065
  • imageRUNNER 5075
  • imageRUNNER 6055
  • imageRUNNER 6065
  • imageRUNNER 7086
  • imageRUNNER 7095 Printer
  • imageRUNNER 7105
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6065
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6075
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8085
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8095
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105
  • imageRUNNER3300E
Canon copy machine

Canon Copier Costs

Canon copy machine lease costs are typically broken out by cost per click, with longer lease terms getting more favorable rates. Canon printer lease terms are usually one to three years long and cost per click typically ranges from $0.60 to $0.25. Many people are surprised to learn that copier supplies such as toner, drums and fuser often end up costing more than the machine itself. Toner is the most expensive supply, and some copiers use more toner than others, which greatly impacts cost. Often times, the cost of all supplies are included in the Canon copier lease so be sure to check when comparing rates.

Canon copier

Why Choose a Canon Copier Lease?

There are many reasons that a Canon copier is a great choice for your business, here are just a couple:

  • Highly Rated Customer Service
  • 1 to 3 Year Leases
  • Reliability
  • Fixed Rate Leases Available

Request prices on a Canon imageRunner black and white or color multifunction copier today. Whether you want to lease, rent or buy a Canon copy machine, can save you time and money.

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